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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 21:24

Interview With Bill Sherwood

1. Would you like to tell me how did you start your carreer?

My parents were entertainers, my father was a big band leader and my mothere was dacer in Broadway. So music was around us forever.Bout the carreer I didn't make money out of it until I was very older. I got my first record deal with the band Logic, I was always around music but I didn't do it as a professional

2. When did you join YES?

I joined in late 1996 and in 2000,  I was involved with the albums Open Your Eyes and THe Ladder. It was a very unique band, unique personalities. I had a chance to meet them a lot time ago and work in happenings and by the time I joined them it was a natural progress.

3. Do you remember any experiences from that period you'd like to
share with us?

The experiences that I had were so many and so diversed. I guess the
best part for me was touring and playing live aroundvthe world.

4. When did you leave the band?

I left the band somewhere in 2000 because they were getting Rick back
and wanted to recreate the line up of Fragile era, it was the right time to go.

5. What about the new album of Conspiracy?

Let's say that the new album has a direction from top to the bottom.
It has a special style, both Chris and I we're proud of the record.

6. What about the lyrics of the album?

The lyrics of this album are relating to the borrowed time that we live in. It's more on the ground and the reality than the usual lyrics of
progressive rock.

7. What about the music, any special influeces?

The music has a very progressive development but it's also very commercial.I think it's good to have both sides of this point represented. I think it's a very consistent album from top to the bottom.

8. Would you like to tell me about Chris Squire?

Chris and I have been working together for a long time, we work since we met. Chris is a very nice guy, we do along very well he's very funny
and he has a great sense of humor. Also he's avery talented musician.

9. Are you going to do together something else, maybe another project?

Well at the moment Conspiracy is what we do together. I don't know about the future but right now Conspiracy is the forecast of what we both can work together.

10. Are you going to tour about Conspiracy?

Yes, Chris is right now on tour with Yes but when he coces back we're gonna havea aschedule about the tour. We palt to play songs from the new album but also stuff from the first record including material that wasn't played with Yes from the album Open Your Eyes, it will be a very interesting show!


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