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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 20:37

1. Hello Paul, what kind of memories have been left from I. Maiden days?

Good and bad, but mostly good and I have written about most of it in my book. I was pretty crazy in my Iron Maiden (younger) days and have slowed down a lot now, but they were
still very exciting days.

2. Which was the real reason for your departure ?

Sorry but it's a very long answer which I talk about in my book/autiobiography "The Beast" and it would take me
 far too long to answer it all now.

3. Did you have any problems due to the fact that England and Labels were deep in Punk movement ?

No none at all back in those days.

4. Was N.W.O.B.H.M. as famous as the magazines write today ?

Yes it was very famous and very exciting back in those days.

5. What was the next step in your career after I. Maiden ?

To try and explore as many different musical avenues as was possible.

6. I have noticed that in various compilations, you follow an american hard rock path. Do you use the same songs in other projects too? For example songs from True Brits are in The Original Iron Men.

Sometimes I like to change and do different things and mix them around a bit on different projects.It can sometimes get boring always playing what people expect from me.

7. What is Dennis Stratton doing today ?

He is working as a telephone engineer for British Telecom and he plays in a pop music covers band at weekends in a small pub in East London.

8. You had also an appearance in Praying Mantis but I heard that you didn't really like their music.

Yeh I agreed to do the project so I had to keep my word, but as soon as I had started the project I realised that the music was Really terrible old fashioned and bit like music for old hippies really.

8. Let's come back today, what made you write a book?

My manager Lea Hart got me the book deal as it was his idea and he had been trying to get me to write it for many years.The idea was to get everything off my chest and out in the open at last.

9. What ίs the content of this book ?

My Lfe story since I started in music.........and more.

10. I have also heard that you refer to addictions, violence, etc. How difficult is the situation on the road?

It is not difficult any more now as it is all behind me, but it used to be very difficult indeed.

11. Which are your next plans ?

Live shows everywhere throughout the world and a new album.

12. Thanks for your time Paul, please add anything you like for the end of this interview

Anyone wanting to know anything about me and what I am doing from albums to live shows and all my old history should look at my website:


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