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Friday, 22 December 2017 18:05

Brutiful Lies is the 6th studio album of the Landshut-based German metal band Rushmoon. The album features nine brand new songs that cover the whole bandwidth of metal music – starting with Stoner Rock as featured in Rather go blind up to a quite thrashy Addicted, Rushmoon are successfully fishing in al kinds of stylistic waters from True to Nu and even find inspiration in Funk and Metalcore.

Most of the nine songs revolve around the big issue love – starting with the „beautiful“ feeling of falling in love to brutal break-ups and all those big and small lies between people:  simply Brutiful Lies.
Doing whatever they want, free and independent of any stylistic chains is what Rushmoon is all about. That's why artistic independence is so important to them and why Brutiful Lies has been produced indepentently. Still they found versed support in V. Santura of Dark Fortress/Triptykon fame who produced the album in his Woodshed Studios.


The opener of the album, the progressive-hymn Last 2 Know sets a forceful start that is superseded by a stomping Fake. What R U Waitin' 4 and Touch Me graze fast-paced through all varieties of guitar music, so the calm anchor One Way Love, a ballad, is welcomed to regain energy for the final leg.

A swift No Way Out is racing towards its epic finale and is resolved by the guitar stakkatos and instrumental battles of 4 a Ride.

Rather go blind is a down-to-earth rock song that is crowned by the dirty vocals of Crossplane's Celli Rosckshit. Finally, Rushmoon are celebrating a „Thrashfest confessing the're still Addicted to the mosh.
As the band is celebrating their 20th anniversary, they are revealing new shades of their work featuring re-edited versions of two older songs: Serenade and I Came 4 U have been re-recorded as acoustic songs.


Brutiful Lies Album:                           

Published: 2017                   
Production: Rushmoon/V. Bullock           
Label: Hamner Music                   
Track#: 11                       
Play time: 56 Minutes



Rushmoon are:

Christian Binder (Vocals)

Dieter Weilert (Lead Guitar)

Alexander Steiger (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)

Rossi Reitmeier (Drums, Percussion)

Stefan Becker (Bass)





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