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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 09:57

1. You are releasing your first full-length album in 15 years, how do you feel?

Rick Ruhl - Feels great we've been recording and writing the whole time you know it's a beautiful thing-man feels good long time coming

2. Which is the line up of the band and what does the new album include?

Rick Ruhl - Troy Fleming on bass John Gunnery on guitar Travis 'Gunner' Butler on guitar Jim Phipps on the drums.

The new album offers eight new recording's,  three live recording's Walls Come, Down Closet Down The Hall and Push.  Also three videos with Loco Crazy,  Blown Away and a live video for Push. It's a one stop shop if you will. 

3. How was the process of recording and producing the album?

Rick Ruhl - Recording the Grind album was an extremely cool and to work with Justin Rimer was something I've been wanting to do for a while. I really like what he brought to the table. I really didn't think he would work with a band like us.

4. Are you satisfied with your new label?

Rick Ruhl - Absolute best label I've ever been signed to. Bill Chavis is a beast straight up no bull shit and my friend. He has resurrected the band, put new life into us. The man is absolutely insane.

5. How did you choose the name for the band and do you still feel being a nightmare for all the mothers?

Rick Ruhl - We were just going to use it for the first show. My old manager Doc Fields, called us that at the time and it just stuck. I don't feel I'm Every Mothers Nightmare. I feel most people hope and pray that their kids don't turn out to be a long-haired rock an roller! LOL

6. How did you sign with Arista records in the early 1990s?

Rick Ruhl - We played a bunch of shows for A&R guys shopping for a deal. We played for Mitchel Cohen from Arista Records he was really into the band and he brought Clive Davis in the to see us. We didn't have any place to play so we built a stage in a warehouse brought in a PA, some booze and a couple of our friends plus other bands bands and played for Clive Davis. Jim threw a drumstick and hit Clive in the gut. After the show, Clive came backstage and took my boots because they were ragged out and held together with the guitar strings and right then and there we signed on the spot. Rest is history

7. Was MTV a milestone in your career?

Rick Ruhl -  Yes. MTV was the only place to really be seen back in the day to break a band. The all of a sudden you go from nobody to somebody just one or two video's on MTV! So yes definitely a milestone.

8. Do you remember your appearance in talk shows such as the Joan Rivers’ talk show?

Rick Ruhl - Yes, I remember the Joan Rivers show very well. Got in a lot of trouble over that show. I thought the show would be more about music but it turns out it was just about who we were screwing and what was going on backstage on the bus after the shows. Great experience though and she was very cool!

9. What happened to the band between 2002 ("Deeper Shade of Grey"era) and 2017?

Rick Ruhl - The band is always been together. After Deeper Shade of Gray, we had a couple of guys who wanted to do other things. They started having families and I took a year off just clear my head and get my other situations that I had acquired over the years figured out. But the band is always been together. We started playing with the Lonnie Hammer and Gunner and you know just kind of put things back together and started writing, starting out fresh. This thing will stay together till the day I die. It's all I know.

10. Is there still a profitable market share for 80s hard rock bands in US or abroad?

Rick Ruhl - There is but you can't keep doing the same thing that you started out doing. You have to evolve and grow to other things. There's a lot of bands from our area that live off what they've done and what they were but I don't want that. I don't want to live off just what I've done. I'm very proud of what I've done but I would rather be known for what I'm doing and moving forward breaking new ground I believe.

Info: facebook.com/EMNBand

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