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Monday, 27 November 2017 09:46

According to a Press Release that we received: Ryanair, Europe's No.1 airline, launched Ryanair Tickets, in partnership with Coras, selling the best theatre, music and sporting tickets across Europe on the Ryanair.com website.
Ryanair's 129m customers can now purchase tickets for the biggest shows in the West End of London, both directly via Ryanair Tickets (https://tickets.ryanair.com/) and through the Active Trip page, matching the date and destination of their trip.

Ryanair Tickets' live music roster starts with London's celebrated 'Live at Chelsea' series, on sale from November 10th, with tickets for more theatre, live music and sporting events coming soon. Customers can purchase tickets for all events in 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish) and 3 currencies (Euro, Sterling and Złoty) with more to follow.

This is Ryanair's latest digital initiative under year 4 of its "Always Getting Better" programme which also includes a best-in-class personalised website, a new Ryanair Rooms website, Apple Pay integration, long haul Air Europa flights on sale on Ryanair.com and a new partnership with the Erasmus Student Network.

Ryanair's Director of Ancillary, Greg O'Gorman said: "We're pleased to partner with Coras to launch Ryanair Tickets, offering customers the opportunity to purchase tickets to top West End shows including Aladdin, Wicked, The Lion King and Les Misérables. Customers will benefit from very competitive prices as an easy add-on within their "MyRyanair" account. Initially launching with tickets for shows in the UK, Ryanair Tickets will be extended to include events across Europe in the future."

Mark McLaughlin, CEO of Coras said: "Travel plans increasingly start with the purchase of an event ticket, whether it be for a Premiership football match or for a favourite music artist. Ryanair Tickets offers customers a more convenient and personalised experience to purchase the best event tickets across Europe.

To celebrate we are launching a special introductory offer on all theatre tickets booked before December, meaning customers won't have to pay the high fees charged by other leading ticket agencies".

What lies ahead for the future of ticketing in the music business? Are we going to have more players from different business sectors?


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Article Source: Ryanair


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