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Friday, 27 May 2016 03:14


The audio interview with the singer David Surkamp was posted on YouTube, check out the link:


Interview Questions

1.    You have a new live album coming out, can you introduce us to it?
2.    Why did you decide to record it in Germany?
3.    Are there any bonus tracks or other surprises inside this album?
4.    Have you ever considered of recording an acoustic live album at a special place, for instance an archaeological site?
5.    What is the band up to now? Are you on tour?
6.    How different is the touring process compared to the past?
7.    Do you have any funny incidents to share with us?
8.    Right now you are in Paris, a place that suffered a lot due to the recent terrorism. How do you feel about it?
9.    The music industry has changed a lot since the 1970s. Do you support or reject the role of the modern technology in the music industry?
10.    What is your opinion about the music streaming services such as Spotify?
11.    From times to times, the band has released a lot of lost material such as the lost third album. Do you still have unreleased material from the 1970s or the 1980s?
12.    What really happened with the lost third album?
13.    «Julia» became your most popular single ever, do you feel that your label back then contributed on this matter?
14.    What happens when an artist releases commercially a composition? Is it still a part of himself or the track follows its own route and belongs to the public?
15.    Do you prepare a new album?




Info for the band:
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