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Monday, 16 November 2015 17:45

The Rock You To Hell festival took place once again in Athens, however the atmosphere was "heavy" due to the murders during the Eagles Of Death Metal concert in Paris. I arrived at the venue a few secs before the French band Gang, so unfortunately I lost the shows of all the previous bands: LACHRYMOSE and WISDOM. I apologise for this because all the bands deserve publicity, so it is a shame that this coverage does not include the mentioned bands. During my 12 hour stay at the festival venue, I managed to take several photos of the bands and tell that rock n roll story through the pictures.

Gang, the French band that visited Greece after the killing incident at the Bataclan


They seemed very excited about the show, regardless of the few fans that were present at that time


Fist gave us a strong taste of NWOBHM, they still got the guts!


They have some strong musicianschip as we see here, guitar tricks!


RustX, the Cypriot band that stole the show of the festival by smashing a guitar and entering the venue by riding a motorcycle


The band played 1980s metal with alot of Glam influences


The Italian singer of the band Clairvoyant screaming the lyrics


Good show and effort, however the sound did not help them so much


Bai Bang, Hair Metal from Sweden dated back in 1989 when the band appeared at the scene!


There were people who knew the lyrics of the band and were singing along


Tysondog, another NWOBHM band of the festival...


Heavy metal with epic songs!


Picture, the band that showed us that the older bands will not retire because they still have a value.


Most of the fans staring at the "Viking" look of the singer


The night of the blade for the band Tokyo Blade...


The new singer really fits the band and can sing the hell out of every old tune!


The Japanese band Loudness just stormed the stage...


Akira Takasaki, the living legend of the Japanese metal


The fans and the journalists are going crazy...


The were definitely the kings of the stage, pure energy and much enthusiasm



Images and Words by Billy Yfantis

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