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Wednesday, 12 August 2015 16:09

Backyard Babies on stage, they played really good and the audience enjoyed it so much!

Sonata Arctica was the act that the fans were mostly waiting for, especially the younger ages. From the reactions of the audience I can understand that the fans loved the band's performance.


The festival area is almost full while the festival continues


Fan games during the festival


The show of Death was fantastic: Technical, progressive and brought back the memories of Chuck!


Supershow by Overkill!


The folk oriental metal of Orphaned Metal impressed the audience and made them dance oriental dances!


The "saints" Turisas on stage made the teenage fans paint themselves in the colors of the band and they proved why they are considered a powerful band


J. L. Turner gives a smile to my camera during the autograph session of the Rock Icons band (J. L. Turner / Eric Martin)


The Rock Icons during the autograph session


The Turisas fans waiting for autographs


Eric Martin during the Rock Icons set, pure talent!


J. L. Turner based his set mainly on Rainbow tracks


The Turisas at the autographs session


Algelwitch played at the small stage of the festival but there were many fans waiting for them. The set was astonishing but the sad thing is that only Kevin exists from the original line up of the band and the name Angelwitch does not sound a suitable name for such a band. Maybe a Kevin Heybourne band would fit better to the current status of the band.


Within Temptation, the most professional performance of the festival and the biggest production with great light show and video projectors.


The Darkness had the best sound of the festival and their singer was singing like Freddie Mercury and jumping aroung like David Lee Roth, a rock n roll circus!


Reckless Love was the reason that I came to this festival and I was no wrong. The Finnish band sounds like a rebirth of the 1980s Bon Jovi and the leader of the band, Olli Herman, is the new toy for the groupies. On musical level, the band performed a greatest hits show and the sound was really good.


The fanbase of Reckless Love consists of die hard groupies or even mothers with their kids!

Doro was another highlight of the festival, she gave a really heavy metal performance


Tankard, the Beer Metal experience of the festival reminded us why Thrash Metal remains popular to the crowd!


Stage diving during the Tankard's set


In Mute band: Death Metal with female vocals!


Epica on stage! The compositions of the band do not move me a lot but the singer Simone Simons makes everything sounds so perfect!


Sodom on stage, a taste of dark Thrash music!


Epica taking photos with the fans!


High points of the festival

- Such a cheap ticket (50 Euros)

- Many bands to see

- Great bands to watch

- Long duration of the festival, 4 days (from 16:00 to 04:00)

- Support from the local municipality

- Friendly local people


Low points of the festival

- The weather (from 35 Celsius degrees to heavy rain!)
- The menu of food and drink items was only in Spanish

- The decision of the security staff to minimize the number of the accredited photographers based on their camera's size?


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