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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 18:43

The decision to visit Villena for the festival came as a result of an extensive research on the internet about music festivals in Europe and this festival seemed to be the best one during the specific period. When you have to pay only a 50 Euros ticket to see around 60 bands then this is a great opportunity! As you can see on the flyer, there are many international bands that were scheduled to appear and a great quality and quantity of music. The main problems during my decision process were transportation and accomodation, since there is no direct airport access to the city (the closest airport was 59 km away) and all the hotels  around and inside Villena were already booked many days ago. I solved the issues by finding a flight from Athens to Alicante which was the closest airport and choosing camping as accomodation option.


For those who have not been to Spain before, I have to inform them that it is a beautiful country with friendly people and nice food. The only problem that they may find is that most of the Spanish population does not speak English at all and unless you are well prepared then you may face difficulties with the communication or the navigation in the city. Fortunately, the city of Alicante is a holiday resort for many British and that is why exists a basic knowledge of the English language among the locals. On the other hand, in the city Villena where the festival took place almost no one speaks English! On personal level, my basic knowldedge of the Italian language helped me to communicate with the locals since Spanish and Italian have common words and sometimes the grammar.


Finding a map of Villena and looking for the concert area on the map


Entering the gates of the festival area


The security staff is trying to control the massive audience


These are the two main stages of the festival


The metal merchandise market inside the festival area


Th fans arrived and waiting for the first band to appear on stage

Oker, the first band of the festival welcomes the fans


Storm, the legendary progressive band from Spain follows up


"Here they are" The fans noticed that Sepultura is coming on stage


Sepultura on stage giving a great performance during the first day that had a free entrance! We heard all the classic numbers and during the rain song "Ratamahatta, it really started to rain in Villena!


"Ratamahatta, Ratamahatta" The Sepultura fans going crazy during the set of the band


Returning back at my tent after the first day of the festival, such an exhausting day.


The camping area hosted thousands of festival goers, the camping was free and there were free showers and toilets as well.


It is time for a morning tour at Villena before the festival begins again


The old castle of Villena is the main sightseeing around the festival area


Amaranthe was the first act of the second day but it seemed that the band had the most fanatic followers. Despite of the hot sun, many boys and girls gathered around the stage to see that show.


Thousands of fans waiting for the show of Destruction


Destruction on stage, unfortunately the sound was not such good during the set



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