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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 21:19

1. Let us know about the story of TWO FIRES

 Thank you Billy for the opportunity to speak with you about two Fires and my musical past and future. Two Fires is a collaboration of many talented people. I enjoy making music and am thankful for the working relationships of Jim Peterik, Josh Ramos, Jeff Jacobs, Kenny aronoff, Atma Anur, Willie Weeks and george Tutko. It is very hard to gather this talent pool in one room.Sometimes it happens this way and other times it is pieced together at separate times. But to have this talented line up is awesome.

2. Do you consider TWO FIRES your own project ?

 Yes, It truly is my own project fro a legal standing anyway. I own the name and it is my label that licenses it to other labels such as Frontiers and Marquee. I do give people the space and freedom that they need though.I do not play this project like a juke box.

3. Your first album was very successful , how do you feel about this ?

 I am always happy to see my work be enjoyed, what else is there to say?

4. Which are the influences for your music ?

My earliest memories take me into my next door neighbors home. Her name was Lorretta Condon. She was a great woman, she was also my first grade teacher. I must give her credit for putting music in my life. She would play the piano while babysitting me and taught me songs to sing. That was good and bad :) Once I started school, guess who she would always push out in front of the class to sing the leads??? Yep, you guessed it...ME! Well, as time went on, at 8 years old I was shocked by the Beatles invasion. I became an instant Paul McCartney clone and fan. Paul Rodgers really stirred my soul as did Aretha Franklin. Many singers have come through my soul throughout my lifetime. But I must say that Paul and The Beatles started my blood pumping for a musical carreer.

5. Do you find any feedback from the audience about AOR these days ?

Many people wish they could drop a coin into their radios and hear more AOR music. Unfortuately, companies are dropping way bigger money than just coins to get different music played.

6. You have a new album , IGNITION , so inform us about this release...

 Ignition is the second Two Fires CD to be released. I must thank Frontiers and the many hard working people out drumming my name into the streets. It is not easy to sell AOR as it once was. I do what I do and many still like to hear it, but many still need to be introduced to it, so thank you for allowing me to introduce myself to them.

7. Which are the differences from your first album ?

Different players on bass and drums mainly. Also a different keyboardist. The production is not as much reverb. I wanted more talent and less reverb.

8. How are going your sales untill now ?

 I am not sure, ask Frontiers this question. I would think that the sales are close the original debut.

9. Would you like to talk us about Clique Records ?

Come and visit  I have many artists in Rock/Blues/Country/Christian/Dance/Pop and more. I have a lot of fun with Clique Records. Thank you for taking the time to ask me these questions Billy. I hope oyur readers find it interesting. Peace, Kevin Chalfan


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