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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 21:17

1.Would you like to tell us about the story of TALLER ?

Taller formed in October 2000 when bassist Leon Jenkins and multi instrumentalist John Honour began writing songs together.Vocalist Ben Fernihough joined several months later whilst a drummer has recently
been added to the line up for live purposes.All members of the group have
been playing on the local rock scene since the mid 90's.

2.You have a new CD , please inform us what are we going to lishen 

The debut CD 'Is it really morning?' was recorded over six months and
produced by John Honour.It represents the band at their best,combining
melodic rock with challenging instrumentalism and commercial clout.

3.Any influences ?

The band are influenced by Tonic,Matchbox20,Toto,Rush,Live etc.

4.Are you satisfied from your album ?

The band are very satisfied with the cd,but next time round each
member will contribute equal amounts of songs!

5.What about the distribution ?

We distribute through local music shops and our website

6.How are you going to promote this release ?

We will be touring locally and nationally next year in the UK

7.Have you got any plans for the future ?

Our goals are to make great,memorable rock music that will reach
people of
all creeds and nationality.

8.Have got any complaint for the music scene untill now ?

Our biggest complaint about the music industry is that only
manufactured,fake bands and old dinosaurs are being signed and
promoted.Where are the great new rock bands of our time?Right here of


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