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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 21:12

1. So Johnny , let us know about the story of the group...

Well we were transplanted New Yorkers that original came out of the L.A. scene. We were...or should I just say, " I " was too big of an asshole alcoholic at that time to really get it together, but we had our moments I guess. We split up with our then guitar player Mickey Mess and singer Carol Marrujo and went to New York City where we did most of the recording for the "Go Go Girls in Love" album. We played around the U.S. but it wasn't untill "The Love Drag Years" CD and the "Science Fiction Boy" EP came out that we finally broke out of the U.S.A.

Things kinda' got fucked up after that. Our guitar player Jay committed suicide, our drummer Deon passed away due to cancer and I had a near fatal automobile accident that took me over three years to recover from.
....anyway, it's great to be back playing and getting ready to go into the studio again. There was talk about releasing a live album and some old unreleased stuff before the new CD but there's so much legal shit involved.

2. Why did you change the name STAR STAR ?

We thought about changing our name for a while, but I'm glad we didn't.

3. Do you feel closer to 80's hard rock glam or 70's punk glam ?

I grew up with 70's punk glam so of course that's what I identify with most, but furthermore I have to say that other than Motley Crue's "Too Fast For Love" album (and a few other things) there isn't such a thing as 80's glam. What a lot of people call 80's glam is just melodic hard rock. Hard rock with pop hooks so to speak. It has nothing to do with what glam was and is about....for example Ziggy Stardust, T. Rex, Sweet, New York Dolls etc. Just because bands may wear make-up or dress and do their hair a certain way doesn't make them a glam rock band. Glam is a musical style not something so trivial and trendy as appearance.
I could go on and on about this but maybe I better not right now...........

4. Many guys are against glam rock due to the sexy lyrics of the music and the female appearance of the groups.

That's just a symptom of their unhealthy psychological state.
I don't like hanging out with people who are "against" anybody just for the way he/she looks.

5. In USA 80's glam rock is called hair metal , do you think that sexy look or music is the intention of your art ?

Again I'll say that glam rock is not hair metal or sleaze or anything like that....and I'll add that it's quite shallow to categorize music based on the appearance of the musicians. to answer your question.....If I understand it (or Star Star's) art/music has nothing to do with any look. I just dress the way I feel comfortable and the way I'm used to. We didn't just decide to start dressing this way at a certain point in our life...our look is the result of the way we grew up and live...........we're not bullshit posers who dress like this because we're in a band....we looked like this long before we were in any band.

6. Which are the plans for STARĀ  STAR right now ?

We're just getting ready to record a new album which will be out next year.....and we're playing a bunch of shows here and there....tryin' to get good :-)

7. How good or bad is the situation for the band in USA ?

We actually are very very very lucky, and very surprised by all the cool stuff that's happenning to us again.....especially the last two months....unbelievable.

8. How looks like a live show of STAR STAR ?

I've never seen one live....only on video tape.....:-)


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