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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 21:09

1. Please inform our viewers about your story until now

"SEVEN 13" was actually formed in 1998 as a duo effort between Amanda Adams and our former singer, Teisan Russell.  After working together on several songs, it was time to add the power of the band.  We were fortunate enough to find the current members of SEVEN 13 who have proved invaluable.  All are highly educated in their fields and their talent shines through.

Mr. Russell decided to vacate the project in 2000 to pursue his career in telecommunications, where SEVEN 13 located our vocalist, Kenneth Michael.  Ken's presence onstage is energetic, enticing and his voice keeps the stories within the songs alive.  We are presently focusing upon the details of finalizing an upcoming European tour.

2. Your new album sounds interesting , would you give us a few information about it ?

"Unleashed" has been building up in us for quite awhile now.  Our first album was much quieter, full of ambience.  "Unleashed" is a series of powerful songs that will take the listener on a journey.  This journey encompasses many aspects of life:  love, jeolousy, lust, anger, depression, etc.

3. Is there a concept story in this album ?

I guess the "concept" within this collection would be life as we know it.  Many of the songs come from our own experiences.

4. Do you find the world of mystery attractive for your lyrics ?

Life is full of mystery and this influences all of us, however, it is not a dominant factor within our lyrics.  There are some songs, such as "Haunted" that incorporate more of a mystical feel, however, "Outcasts" represents human tragedies that are present on our news daily.  So, the album has a sense of balance between fact and fantasy.

5. How important is to believe in something or someone as a human and as an artist ?

 Recognizing that your peers and collegues are "human" sometimes tends to be the hardest thing in this business.  Working together, creating together as musicians, leads us to communicate in a higher manner.  The music becomes the mode of communication and sometimes it's easy to forget the "human" side of this business and that there is a "business" side to the whole entity.

6. The sound of piano seems very familiar with your music and you use it very frequently...

Because Amanda Adams tends to write the melodies, the piano has become an instrument in the foreground as opposed to the background.  We believe that the melodies of each song holds the key, the message.  However, without the force and contributions of the other members, the songs would not reflect SEVEN 13 as a whole.

7. Do you use stage show in your concerts ?

Our stage shows always leave the audience wondering just what will happen next.  We won't give all our surprises away but the audience generally moves up as a whole to get a better look as to what is happening.  Influences include David Bowie, Queen, Peter Gabriel, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

8. Any plans for the future ?

We are currently working on the details of an upcoming European tour.  A meeting is scheduled for the end of May/beginning of June to determine with whom SEVEN 13 will be touring and when our first date overseas will be announced.  We are all very excited and hope to meet as many fans as possible.


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