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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 20:59

1. First of all, tell us the history of "Hybrid"

Krokodilos T: The history of Hybrid starts way back, in 1999. At the point where John Barbagiannis forms a cover band under the name "Deathwish". The band used to cover bands such as Megadeth, Metalicca, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Black Sabbath etc. but did not have a steady line-up.

Serras T: At the point where most of the current band members joined the band and started working on our own songs we mutually decided to change our name into "Hybrid" in order to give a fresh direction to our music. It is our view that this name stands as a symbol to our musical directions because we wouldn't want our style to be labeled effortlessly and we feel that we have managed to maintain a fresh, hybrid and modern attitude as far as our music is concerned.

2. Tell us some details for the demo CD "Pain Is Pleasure"

Krokodilos T: The tracks included in "Pain is Pleasure" were written in between 1999 and 2001. Yet the effort of creating the actual demo work started officially during the winter of 2001. It is true that we had created two promotional works ("Curse you all" 2000, "Hybrid" 2001) but, at that time, we felt that they wouldn't satisfy the standards of the band. Thus, we worked harder and more concentrated.

Serras T: We entered "Esoteron" studios, Athens, for the drums and vocal recordings but we preferred to record the chord instruments on our own, with our own equipment, so that we would have as much time as we wanted to come up with the best result possible. The pre-production was realized in "Chorus" studios, Athens, and the artwork was created by "LAB" studios, working on a concept of our own. The mixing and production of the demo was also made by "Hybrid" and it would be fair to say that our inexperience cost us a lot as far as time is concerned. The whole procedure lasted about 7 months or so. But we think that it was worth it in the end!

3. Is there any feedback from the audience about the demo till now?

Serras T: Frankly, we are very excited about the impact that our demo has caused to the average metalhead. All we get is nice remarks! Seriously now, it was a nice surprise for us that "Pain is Pleasure" surpassed the number of 100 as far as hand to hand and mail sells are concerned within the first 25 days of its release (and counting). Just think that we haven't been occupied with any abroad promotion whatsoever and we feel that we are going to do fine when we start "harassing" the underground of lets say Germany or the UK. The audience also passes on a great message when we see people that we've never met before congratulating us in the street or headbanging like mad in the first rows of our shows knowing all the lyrics by heart.

4. Which is the procedure when you write the songs?

Krokodilos T: We have, up to now, followed numerous ways of songwriting and it would be fair to say that each and every track included in "Pain Is Pleasure" was composed in a different way. In general terms, though, songwriting is an effort that the whole group stands responsible for and is mainly made in studio or via tapes.

Serras T: Every single member has a valuable opinion and the most difficult part is to compromise all of these views. But, in a way, that's the beauty of it. That's what hybrid music should be.

5. Have you already played any gig?

Serras T: Our first show under the name of "Hybrid" was in a small festival organized by the town hall of a northern suburb of Athens. Before that, we had performed live two or three times or so under a different name. Since then, "Hybrid" have performed live several times in many clubs of Athens (such as "Woodstock", "Nautilus", "Ston Aera".) and in quite a few public places such as central squares. We are also going to play live in "Rodeo" club, Athens, on the 12th of January and in "An" club at the end of the same month.

Krokodilos T: One thing is certain: we are rapidly collecting experience of live performances and we think that we are quite capable of spectacular shows.

6. Your influences from the metal scene?

Serras T: This is an interesting question because we all tend to listen to completely different things. I, myself, am a big fan of the New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal but I don't think that I let my Swedish tastes materialize much within the music of Hybrid. I believe that guitarists such as Fredrik Johansson (ex- Dark Tranquillity) and Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity) are unmatched.

Krokodilos T: My influences as a vocalist are various but if I have to mention some artists, those artists would be Warrel Dane (Nevermore), Zack Stevens (ex- Savatage) and Harry Conclin (Jag Panzer) as far as the vocal sound is concerned. As for the man whose techniques I admire the most in singing, that man is certainly Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius).

7. Tell me your opinion about the Metal scene in Greece.

Serras T: I believe that during the last 3- 4 years, the Greek metal scene has given birth to numerous remarkable bands that work with high standards and tend to get a lot of attention. One thing is certain: the Greek metal scene is growing fast and the competition is hard.

Krokodilos T: There is only one way to survive the Greek metal scene: Try to make your name mentioned and appeared everywhere.

8. Tell me your favorite album and your favorite band.

Krokodilos T: My favorite band is certainly Stratovarius and their 5th and 8th albums (Episode/ Infinite)

Serras T: I would definitely choose Dark Tranquillity and "The Mind's I" album.

9. What are your plans in the future for Hybrid?

Krokodilos T: Definitely a great deal of live shows.

Serras T: We are entering the studio in about 2 months or so for some new recordings (it could be a second demo if it turns out OK) and maybe, if some discussion that we are currently having with some record labels turns out to some result, we could start working on a much desired full length album.

10. Is metal a way of your life?

Krokodilos T: I wouldn't say that it is a way of life for me but it is, for sure, a very important part of my life.

Serras T: No doubt about it! Metal is what I think about all day long, Metal is what I eat, drink and breathe. Metal is my life and obsession.

11. Have you any plans for a full length CD?

Krokodilos T: We are discussing this option with quite a few record labels but nothing, up to now, is certain.

Serras T: I truly believe that with a little patience and some good faith we might be looking at something in stores at some time not very distant. Patience and faith my friends. Something's definitely cookin'.

12. I found you through the internet, do you think that the net can replace the old underground days?

Krokodilos T: Of course. I think that it has done it already.

Serras T: I don't think that "replace" is an appropriate word for the matter. My experience with "Pain Is Pleasure" showed me that the old hand to hand and trading underground is in a perfect collaboration with the internet. The internet widens the deal a bit , it does not replace it.

13. Thanks for your interview and close the interview as you like.

Krokodilos T: Keep the pain.


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