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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 20:57

1. Would you like to talk us about the story of Parker James?

The name comes from 2 people that ment a lot to us. The band has been together a little over a year. The wreck in Europe slowed us down a little bit, becuase injuries were incured. John Davis is on bass and vocals, Steve Harris is on keyboards and vocals, and Dizzy Gillespie on guitar and lead vocals. They have been rehearsing in Austin preparing for live shows.

2. Which are the influences for your lyrics & music ?

The music comes from the way I feel when I'm writing although I grew up listing to Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, and Allman Brothers.

3. Let us know about your latest Cd release

PARKER JAMES, is eager to finish their newest CD, and get back to what Parker James does best - PERFORM! Recording this latest CD, is so far, the band's most extensive journey, but the attention to quality musicians, engineering, and craftsmanship will prove that the journey is worth taking. The CD will disappoint no one with the diversity and universal public appeal.

4. How would you characterize your music?

 I hate the word characterized, we hate to be pigeon holed. We write Parker James music, and if people call it rock, pop, or blues, that's fine as long as they like it. So, let the listeners catagorize it they are a better judge than I am.

5. Is Blues a way of thought & life?

 A friend of mine, Doyle Bramhall Sr., (Stevie Ray's co-writer, partner and friend) once said, "Stevie and I thought we had to live the blues to play the blues, and it almost killed us." The blues are state of mine, to me. You can have happy or sad blues, but NO, I don't want it to kill me.

6. I found you through Internet, do you think that net can replace the old underground days?

No, it can help, but the Internet is too big, too many stations and things. It's a great avenue for bands such as ourselves. But, the underground days, the word "buzz" really meant something, because it really pushed it to the next level.

7. When are you going to give concerts ?

 Within this next month. We have been real fortunate to have people like Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters), Van Wilkes, Floyd Domino, recording with us on this new CD. We are trying to make sure that the recording can be reproduced live, so the perfectionism in us keeps us from playing out sooner than we would like.

8. I heard that you were involved in an accident, how is your health now ?

I have just had hopefully the last surjury on my ankle, it had to be reconstructed. But I'm up rehearsing and it doesn't seem to be giving me trouble. I appreciate you asking.

9. Send a message for all our viewers

 Be careful when driving in Italy! We really you and your viewers taking the time to listen to our music and the independent music scene. We feel like that's really where the quality music is, so please keep listening.


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