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1.How did you came up with the name MYSTERY BLUE ?

FRENZY- As a teenager, I was a fan of the band STATUS QUO. My favourite album was "Blue for you" and I particularly liked the song "Mystery song", so there's the secret …

2. The band is not a newcomer in heavy metal, let us know about the past of MYSTERY BLUE

FRENZY- The history of Mystery Blue goes back to the eighties when I created the band with some friends. In 1984, we released our first album "Mystery Blue" (Axe Killer Records) and a second one in 1986 called "Circle Of Shame" (Dream Records). In these years, we toured a lot in France, Germany and Belgium, and supported bands like Motorhead, Def Leppard and Saxon. The album "Spirit Of Your Song" came out in 1998, after a few years break and a line-up change.

NATHALIE- The band is now composed of Frenzy, the guitar player and founder of the band; Dany, our "crazy" bass player; ex Thrasher Vince on drums and me, Nathalie, on vocals, keyboards & didgeridoo.

3. Describe us the days when you were signed in Axe Killer Records

FRENZY- Well, our first album "Mystery Blue" was released and co-produced by Axe Killer Records in 1984. It really seemed to be a good start and we had some good reviews and articles in the French press, but I can't remember any article in the foreign press, maybe the promotion was a bit weak… They didn't organise a real promo tour either … and without loads of concerts and publicity it is impossible to find a place in the music business.

4. How famous or not is heavy metal in your country?

VINCE- We can't say it's easy here for bands like us, because the French culture is not a Metal culture… (not even a rock culture) this is why we are looking for better contacts abroad.

5. Have you ever thought to use French lyrics, like other French bands had done?

NATHALIE- No, I really think Heavy Metal sounds better in English, and in fact I just love this language!!! It also gives me the possibility to be understood by many people…

6. You have a new demo, would you please give us all the details about it?

FRENZY- These 3 tracks recorded at the JAM Music studio in Pirmasens (Germany) are a foretaste of our upcoming album.

NATHALIE- The first track "Dark Visions" is a kind of atmospheric song (especially in the slow part of the beginning) about a subject which is very important to me: pollution and climate change…"Roller Coaster Ride" is a fast and furious track with extremely speed and heavy riffs. The last track "Angel" is a melodic Heavy Metal song in the classical way with a terrific guitar solo!

7. There's a woman in vocals, how does this affect the rest of the band?

FRENZY- Well, in fact we weren't looking for a female singer, we just wanted a good voice and I think Nathalie has the perfect voice to fit our music, melodic and aggressive at the same time. But I don't think that she gets treated differently than the rest of the band (NATHALIE- except for the dressing rooms!!) because she's a woman. We're just 4 musicians in a same band and also 4 very good friends, that's all what matters.

8. Your music features mainly classic metal elements, what kind of influences do you have ?

FRENZY- Yeah, we play real tough Heavy Metal with a melodic voice, our style is often compared to Judas Priest, Accept or Iron Maiden. We have surely been influenced by all the great Metal acts from the eighties.

NATHALIE- Some of our favourite bands are: LIONS SHARE, DREAM EVIL, SINERGY, HALFORD, ICED EARTH, STEEL PROPHET.... and of course always the good old classics like IRON MAIDEN, OZZY OSBOURNE, JUDAS PRIEST...

9. Have you contacted any Labels for a better promotion & distribution of your work?

NATHALIE- In fact, we have contacted quite a few record companies in the past months, but at the time we haven't received any interesting offer. But if we don't find a real serious label before going into the studio, we will produce the CD ourselves. In any case, our 4th album will be released in march 2003 ….with or without record deal !!

10. When are we going to have a full album from the band?

FRENZY- We will record a full-length album in February. We have chosen the JAM Music studio in Pirmasens, as we have already tested it on 3 songs. We like the sound of this studio and the technicians are really good. The CD will be composed of 11 tracks and will be called "Metal Slaves" (yes, we are!).

11. Any plans about concerts?

NATHALIE- At the moment we are working on our new album. But we plan to make a series of concerts as soon as the CD is released.

DANY- We love playing concerts, at any occasion, in any place, we're ready to blast the stage!!

FRENZY- We've made lots of shows since the reunion in 1996, in our region we've played in every place which rocks… and supported bands like GIRLSCHOOL and ROCK BITCH, but what would be really cool for us is to play in other countries!

12. End this interview as you like...

NATHALIE- Lots of thanks to you and SKYLIGHT for your precious support on the long Heavy Metal road!

FRENZY- We hope to be able to come to Greece very soon to set the stages on fire!

VINCE- A big hail to all the Greek Metal maniacs!


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