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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 20:47

1.So , how did you decide to record an album with Glen Hughes ?

Well , Glen and I  , been friends for a long time . We have written songs in the past , we wanted to do something years ago but never had the chance .When I did a tour in Japan for my previous album , it was a success and Glen was part of the show .Then my manager and the    
Japanese Label said that we can do something together .

2. Is this co operation just a project or do you plan further activities ?

We'd like to have further activities together but it's all about the money and the record companies .So if this project give them money , I'm sure they'll give us the chance to do HTP 2 .So we'd like to do it but it's not only our choice , it's record company's choice.

3. I don't have the promo CD yet , would you like to tell me about the music ?

When we decided to do HTP  , we said "That's the truth of our roots" , you know , Funk , Hard Rock , Melodic Rock .In the beginning we decided to follow some form but HTP became its own child - it became something else. We are very happy that has its own style as well .It's a combination of writing ideas and how we feel about this .

4. Would you like to tell me about the guests that are in this album

First of all we called R. Blackmore but actually we didn't talk to him .We felt that these people from Deep Purple along with R.Blackmore would be great .When we called him , the mother of  Candis (Blackmore's Night and wife of Blackmore) answered the phone and she said "No , Richie doesn't do this thing anymore" we said "Come on, only for one song..." she said "I'm sorry " and hang up the phone. So we said , who else can we call ?Maybe friends or people that we admire . We called John Sykes and he said "Firstly I want to hear the song" , finally ho not only played but ended co writing the song .Then I called Paul Gilbert that I love his guitar playing and he's also a very good guy .

5. How easy was for two legends of rock to record something together ?

I don't believe that this good could happen with two other legendary singers , too much problems like egos and differences of opinions .I think that Glen and I have similar circumstances in our life , we understand each other very much .There's a lot of respect , love , consideration for each other .

6.What about your solo career ?

Still it's going , I have a lot solo albums to do yet .My latest album is different from HTP , heavier , very straight forward .When I was writing for HTP and my solo album , I didn't want  to give at the public , the same album twice .

7.Are you going to tour for HTP ?

Yes we are . We have now a Tour in May in Japan and we hope to come over in England and Europe in September .We wait for the Summer to pass because most people are on holiday and we want everyone to have a chance and see this .

8.What's your opinion about Deep Purple today ?

I  honestly have to say one thing first .Deep Purple were always one of my favorite bands - the other band of course was Free . I loved them to death and learned every song from them. It was a honor  to join Deep Purple and sing for them . I must say that Deep Purple of today are not sound like Deep Purple .The Deep Purple I remember was Machine Head , Fireball .To me today this is not Deep Purple , it's like Ian Gillan Band meets the Dixie Dregs and this doesn't mean that it's bad music , it means that this is not Deep Purple.


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